Key People

Conor O’Broin

Conor is a former Nomura investment banker, Bank Analyst and M&A specialist. He has generated over US$1 billion of financial solutions for businesses since 2000.

His experience includes:

  • He has brought a project management methodology to asset commercialisation and corporate interests including succession, managing acquisitions, complex restructurings and fund raising situations.
  • Restructured some £8 billions of Life Assurance assets on behalf of Barclays including £720 million refinancing and restructuring of two businesses into one. Conor led the structuring of the disparate legal, actuarial, corporate finance, regulatory, capital markets, taxation, and operational and economic value aspects of this transaction within highly challenging timescales.
  • Devised emergency capital preservation measures for Boards to support liquidity and solvency where survival was threatened (one business was c. US$1 billion in size and was successfully refinanced).
  • Has worked with “top five” global listed groups (including Huntsworth PLC) on their acquisition strategies in Europe and managed acquisitions, due diligence, integration and divestitures “on behalf of PLC acquirers.
  • Developed growth strategies with management focused on market depth, new product penetration, revenue generation for early stage companies in technology and telecoms mobile arenas leading to successful fundraising.
  • “Groomed” maturing companies for exit through identification of top exit value issues and successfully managed the exit process on behalf of company owners.
  • Kalimat Wireless Local Loop Kuwait: concluded and structured more than US$20 million early stage funding round for one of two licence holders (jointly with Gulf Capital).
  • An early member of Nomura’s Principal Finance Group that made some US$20 billions of acquisitions in leisure, property rail and leasing sectors using innovative financing techniques.
  • Conor acted as CFO for divisions various global groups and smaller companies where restructuring was delivered in behalf of private equity backers. Conor has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ireland). He also acted as Senior Banking Analyst and Credit Officer for Nomura’s proprietary trading activities.

Paul J Loach

Paul Loach is a former investment manager specializing in small and medium sized companies, a CEO and a provider of development capital to SME’s.

His experience includes:

  • He co-founded Throgmorton Investment Management, an investment management company that became an acknowledged leader in investing private and institutional money in British, North American and Asian smaller companies.
  • Subsequently acted as CEO of Framlington investing in smaller companies across the world generating returns for a variety of client types.
  • Paul Acted as CEO and Group Chief Executive of LGT, a large global asset management business serving institutional, retail and private clients.
  • He repositioned the business and led the sale of the business to Amvescap for a reported consideration of c. US$900 million in 1998.
  • Co-founded Lion Capital Advisors which provided development capital and management expertise to emerging companies. Lion sourced and financed, investment opportunities in small unquoted high growth companies. The company also undertook corporate finance mandates for small and medium sized companies.
  • Has served as a non-executive on several boards, most recently as chairman of one of Europe’s largest headhunting firms, and chairman of a brand design agency which he co-founded.
  • Paul has advised on the acquisition, sale, financing, and succession of various companies in various sectors resulting in financial solutions for business owners ranging from £5 million to £1.25 billion.
  • Now acts as a private investor. Paul has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an M.Sc. in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics.

Transaction Support

Charles Henri Ponzevera

Charles is a French national and holds an M.Sc. in Corporate Finance & Banking from INSEEC London. He also holds a Certificate in Corporate Finance (Analysis, Valuation, Investment & Financing) from ICCF @ HEC Paris, Executive Education Program.

He has supported various sector mandates the UK and France including DCF modelling, business planning, due diligence, cash flow analysis and research into M&A drivers and shortlisting global acquirers for client businesses.