Points Of Differentiation


Our sole mission is to help business leaders systematically improve their business, address next stage of growth issues, restructure or exit from their company. We strive to provide practical and success-orientated counsel resulting in agreed and defined milestones for your business.

  • Our experience is multi sectoral and derived from having delivered highly complex transactions on time and within budget.
  • We bring “large deal” experience and networks to your situation, irrespective of size.
  • We have worked on behalf of, advised and led global “top five” businesses as well as managed “next stage of growth” challenges for smaller companies.
  • We have negotiated for both buyers and sellers of businesses and have successfully managed the sensitivities and motivations of both sides.
  • Client testimonials (available on request) attest to the successful alignments of interests that we have created between both sides in various transactions.
  • We are practitioners of the principle that mixing good business sense with expert business knowledge makes for a powerful offering to the SME business community.
  • We have repositioned leading businesses through our leadership and have implemented complicated restructurings involving diverse stakeholders.
  • We minimise the risks and enhance the rewards from merger, acquisition and sales activities.